Josh Svaty Inspires Staters in Opening Ceremony Address

By: Guthrie Turner – Staters Union  The congregation of Boys State 2017 had the pleasure of receiving a little touch of guidance from an active Kansas politician. Josh Svaty, who is seeking gubernatorial election in 2018, shared with the young men his background from his time at Boys State and his past in legislative government. The emphasis of his speech was the fact that people today are angry, which is emphasized with modern social media. He said that anger only corrodes the process of engagement. Instead, he pushed the usage of anger’s counterpart: affection. To cross reference his story, Svaty related it to his beginnings as a politician. When he began, he really didn’t have the full knowledge of what his role was, and he seeked out aid. A politician from the opposing party took him under his wing and showed him the way. Later along the road, he found himself in opposition to this same instructor, and, after all was said and done, they remained good friends. In concluding his talk, Svaty strongly urged that all the current Staters take this into consideration as they begin their week-long eye-opening journey. Photo Credit Julian Kincaid]]>