Memory Lane

By Kodi W. Reed – Staters Union This year marks the 80th year anniversary of Kansas Boys State and now is a good time to take a trip down memory lane to see how Boys State has changed throughout the years. According to Director of Development Thane Chastain, who was in the same place just 40 years ago, one of the biggest developments to Boys State has been “embracing the technology and utilizing computers and internet.” With these advances in technology, Boys State is able to better simulate the experience, giving Staters more real life scenarios such as taxes and incomes to further develop their skills such as how deal with adaptive and technical conflicts. Some other developments in Boys State that counselors like Bramlage City’s Counselor Max Curtis have seen is adding an extra city to each county to allow more Staters engage in the Boy State experience since more cities equals more opportunities. From small changes like expanding opportunities to bigger changes like the utilization of technology, Boys State has seen major changes throughout the years and is expected to see more changes for the years to come. ]]>