Life on the Raymond City Council

By Trey Peat – Staters Union Monday morning, as he was heading back from submitting a grant proposal, City Council Member Henry Cahoone of Raymond in Pershing County was asked about the efforts of Raymond and Pershing in general to establish and improve their community. Cehoone said that he had just applied for a $5,000 grant for a County Police Station. He elaborated that the police station is part of a larger effort to incorporate the city of Raymond and ensure the security of citizens of Pershing County. Cehoone also said that Raymond is planning to prioritize education and is developing plans to build schools. A bill to legalize marijuana was being debated in the House of Representatives the same morning. Cehoone said that it would definitely have both good and bad results for Raymond. While it could bring in a lot of tax revenue, the councilman also thought it could contribute to a high crime rate and increase the amounts of people dropping out of high school. He hopes that Raymond’s focus on education will decrease amounts of high school dropouts and if the marijuana bill is passed, counteract its effects.]]>