Witzke Shares Boys Nation Experience

By Media Staters – Staters Union Government counselor Mason Witzke had the humbling privilege to attend Boys Nation in 2016 representing Boys State of Kansas. When Witzke entered Boys State of Kansas he “came with two goals in mind and nothing else one was to win the gubernatorial race and the other was to win the Boys Nation race.” Mason however did not win the gubernatorial race which is one of the reasons that he says his Boys State experience was so influential. Mason was then placed in one of the nine departments that Boys State had at the time and eventually was pulled up to be an assistant to the governor. From this department position, Mason was then given the ability to live out his second goal at Boys State, which was receiving the honor of representing Kansas at Boys Nation 2016. Mason talks about Boys Nation as something that changed his life and he consistently credits some of his personal experiences as, “Experiences that really, really humbled me.” While at Boys Nation, each delegate is treated as a United States senator. You live, work, and act as a any US senator would while abiding under the specific privileges of a national delegate. “You have special privileges in the Library of Congress,” Witzke elaborated. “To tell you how unique it is to stand in the middle of the great room, tourists come and they stand in the glass box three stories above because the books on the floor are too precious.” Mason also elaborated on his specific legislature he wrote for Boys Nation. Witzke’s advice for the delegates campaigning for Boys Nation is to take it very seriously.   “Be knowledgeable of the things they are passionate about,” Witzke continuously stressed. “If you can’t poke holes through your arguments and fill those holes, you may not be cut out for Boys Nation.”]]>