Lots of Land May no Longer be Wasted

By Luke Steinle – Staters Union A bipartisan bill that would allow the state to seize unowned lots and give them to their respective cities has passed in the House of Representatives. The bill, written by Rep. Payton Harmon (F), Sen. Reid Bissen (N) and Mayor Blake Adelman (F), was created because it can cost up to $3000 per county to obtain all of their own empty lots. It seems only economically detrimental to the cities to continue making the cities pay to buy land that isn’t even owned by anyone. Currently, cities cannot afford to buy every lot. Since the land mentioned in this bill is unowned, the state can use eminent domain to seize the land at no cost. The land is currently wasted, and by reducing waste, the KSBS government can use the land and move forward with other projects. These areas could be used for government housing, schools, hospitals, etc. If this bill passes in the Senate, the land which was previously unowned will no longer be going to waste.]]>