Nationalist Caucus

Photo Credit Dustin Curiel. Nationalist Party Caucus. Photo Credit Dustin Curiel.[/caption] By Joseph Corredor, Staters Union Yesterday was a big day for the Nationalist party; they created their party platforms as well as held caucus to determine the candidates for Tuesday night’s state election. This party has described itself as a left of center party with priorities in public school funding, moderate gun reform, healthcare, with an emphasis on the opioid crisis, and the decriminalization of marijuana. The nationalists are believers in letting their candidates articulate their own views on the more specific aspects of these issues, such as the extent of healthcare reform and whether or not marijuana will be legalized, in addition to decriminalization. The caucus is possibly the purest form of democracy, and it was on full display last night. The Nationalist party had four candidates for Attorney General, three for Secretary of State, four for Commissioner of Insurance, six for Secretary of Treasury, and ten for Governor. The candidates addressed many of the issues previously stated in the party platform such as marijuana, gun reform, and education. However, the recent rise in unemployment was also a major talking point for many of the candidates, and it seemed as if the party was genuinely concerned about this issue. One candidate even promised that, if he was elected governor, he would allow the delegates to watch the upcoming games of the NBA Finals (possibly the most popular view of the night). Despite the high number of candidates and waning attention of the staters, as the caucus ran late into the night, the caucus could be best described as a success.]]>

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