Liberty Caucus

Photo Credit Jonathan Volker. Liberty Party Caucus. Photo Credit Jonathan Volker.[/caption] By Easton Anderlik, Staters Union According to the new third party (otherwise known as the Liberty Party), they have come together due to their mutual abhorrence for the two-party system. They compare the two-party system to being “forced to choose between Pepsi or Coke, with no choice of any other beverage.” The party hopes to reach the delegates who disagree with their own party, and who are searching for an alternative option other than the two radical positions. Their main goals for this election are “to make a difference” and to show that there is more than just a Nationalist and Federalist choice in this election. During the party’s caucus, the choice for the various state positions was easy, with only one party member running for each position. Coincidentally, the ones who gained office roles were also the founding members. The party’s platform focuses on compromise and moderation. In regards to the budget, the party wants to cut military spending and instead focus the funds for education. They also want to lower income tax while raising sales tax to ease the stress on lower class workers. The party also compromises in regards to abortion, supporting early stage abortions and cases that include medical complications, but agree that birth should be carried out in later stage pregnancies. They support the individual’s right to bear a firearm, and they are pushing for the abolishment of gun-free zones in all counties. The party supports all social freedoms, including gay marriage, ending the war on drugs, and abolishing taxes on certain food items such as soda, healthy and unhealthy foods.]]>