Nationalist's Power to come from District Court?

Despite not having the majority in either the House or the Senate, Nationalist members remain determined about upcoming elections and policy meetings. The District Court is supposedly where the Nationalists have claimed they will supposedly leave their mark, but many have pointed toward the obvious disadvantage. Heading into elections, many Nationalist candidates believe they are more than capable of securing several State positions and push for policies despite the Federalist majority. Senator Pore was confident that even though there isn’t a strong Nationalist presence in the House or Senate, it doesn’t mean there is no hope.  Although the odds might not be in their favor, Nationalists remain confident through bipartisan votes and Federalist support in certain areas the party can pull through. “Just because there is not enough Nationalists in the Senate and House doesn’t mean that they’re just gone. Since there’s so many federalist documents, nationalists, we need to start focusing less about like, bills that are going to help only the nationalist because if we start going towards nationalist bills, we’re going to lose like, there’s no doubt about. So we need to start focusing more on county bills to help our counties,” said Pore. Interestingly enough, both Federalist and Nationalist party members have mentioned how they wish to push for more cooperation and bipartisanship. Pore believes that as the minority in the House and Senate, compromise with the Federalists will be necessary to be able to push for any of the changes they wish to propose. “I’m actually working with my fellow federalist senators from my city, as well as with the rest of my county, as well as senators, federal senators from other counties. Ironically, a nationalist bill is getting more resistance from the Nationalists than the Federalists. We’ve got a bunch of Federalists on our side. We expect to see a lot of support behind this bill.” Senator Andrew Harty added that Nationalist perseverance “shows that we’re willing to work harder regardless of the disadvantage”. All in all, despite the Federalists’ confidence and clear power, Nationalists have battled through hardships in order to put themselves in a successful position during elections. Moreover, Senator Poor talked about Nationalist power lying within the District Court. He goes on to say, “And we feel that on when it comes to the District Court and you take a look at the counties and the cities, we feel that there is a bit of a nationalist leaning there”. The party believes if Nationalists can gain “legislative power” within the District Court then there is an opportunity to make a case for themselves. In spite of being outnumbered in the Senate and House, Nationalists believe that they can come through and make a change.]]>