Shaken by Disaster: Earthquake Strikes Boys State

By Kodi W. Reed Tragedy broke out among the central parts of Boys State of Kansas. As of late Wednesday there was press release which warned staters about seismic activity being reported across the state. It affected mostly of the Central counties of Kansas, and the epicenter was located in the wetlands in the counties of Kennedy and Pershing. This earthquake did end up affecting all of Eisenhower and Patton counties. Parts of other counties were also affected including the following; Kennedy, Pershing, and Bradley. Casualties of those counties are unknown at the moment but it is known that there were gas line breaks and wildfires across Eisenhower and Patton counties. Dr. Tyler Fox from the Wierman Geological Institute reported that actual cause of the earthquake is unknown but it is speculated that it could have been caused by fracking in the area. It’s safe to assume that no single county is at fault, and in this devastating time we should not focus on placing blame but instead recovering from this disaster. As this is the first natural disaster with our new elected state officials, it will be interesting to see how they will react. This brings the question will the speculated cause of the earthquake make it more difficult for those counties affected by the earthquake to get state support? It is important to think about this because in the past there have been conflicts with the oil and gas counties. In this time of devastation we need to come together and work as a state to improve the situation, and use information from the earthquake disaster to help better prepare ourselves for future disasters.]]>