State officials hold their first press conference

By Noah Mead Staters Union On Wednesday, a press conference was held with the newly elected state officers, the first completely Federalist group since 2011. In attendance was the Federalist Attorney General, Secretary of State, Commissioner of Insurance, and the State Treasurer. The Governor, however, was not in attendance. “We’ve washed our hands together and with that we can wash all the problems with Kansas out.” said Rob Nickel, the State IMG_1238Treasurer. Officials were asked about the current strategy to take on the many problems that the state has. “I think our biggest thing is we got to work as a team. Thats how we won and that’s how we have been solving our problems so far,” said Jordan Humphrey, the Attorney General. “I think that’s how we will stick together to work as a team and make sure we present a unified front to the state of Kansas.” The next topic the officials discussed was the relevance of Boys State in everyday life. “An appreciation for what our government officials go through everyday and trying to manage a country, a state, a county and a city,” said Jacob Schlittenhardt, the Secretary of State. All members of the state government have been working around the clock since their election, and Boys State is officially in full swing.]]>