State Troopers educate staters

By Raymond Felton Staters Union Wednesday during State Operations Kansas State Troopers visited Boys State in the basement of the Marlett to hold a Personal Safety Demonstration, an interactive course that was designed, “To give a general idea of the training that our recruits go through to safely manipulate a resisting person.” says head instructor Dave Stahl. IMG_2295Trooper Stahl is a 3rd Degree Black Belt who has been in the Martial arts industry since 1983. He is a National Certified Instructor that ran his own martial arts academy. In addition to the personal safety demonstration, the State Troopers were also showing a driving obstacle course and delivering an “overview of main aspects of technical skills.” At the beginning of the Demonstration the Troopers gave a lecture that emphasized equality of treatment and the danger in resisting the direction of a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO). They also said that the emphasis for LEOs is public safety. In the Personal Safety Demonstration that the Staters took part in covered: Punching Combinations, Punching Bag Techniques, front kicks, side kicks, roundhouse kicks, push kicks arm blocks, arm bars, and disarming techniques. Staters were also shown how Pressure Points can be used by LEOs to mitigate views of brutality. Two other Troopers were there to lend support and instruction, as well as assist in showing the Staters handcuffing techniques. When asked his opinion of the course, Mike Paynter said that it, “gives a general idea of what happens when they [LEOs] have to go hands on with a suspect or a violator. We also show what could potentially happen to them [LEOs] on the job.” Mario Rios told The Staters Union that the reason that LEOs have to go through the training outlined in the course was, “To teach them [LEOs] how to defend themselves from any threat they may face on duty.” All the Troopers involved in the demonstration were professional and knowledgeable. Everyone on the Staters Union Staff wholeheartedly appreciates their continued willingness to put themselves in danger every day.]]>