Staters comment on dorm life

By Julian Kincaid and Aaron Simpson Staters Union 119A7329As a seasoned summer camper, I’ve found myself in many types of housing buildings to stay in. Whether it’s the simple outdoors cabin, college-style dorm room, or open-bay military barracks with 30 campers to a room, I’ve become accustomed to sleeping in any place with a pillow and blanket. However, it seems that my fellow Staters have varying opinions. Here at K-State, Staters are assigned to a two-bed dorm room with one other person. The room holds clothing racks, doors, desks, chairs, and a mirror, all implemented for a more convenient and home-like experience. Each floor holds three halls, and every one has a restroom with several shower stalls. “I think the facilities have been really great, honestly.” says Henry Cannon, Mayor of the City of Icenogle, King County. “‘I’ve stayed at a lot of summer camps, and they usually haven’t been so great.” We’ve got several more days in the dorms that have kindly been lent to us. I’ve enjoyed my time here so far, and it seems that others have as well.]]>