Staters explore opportunities at College and Career Fair

By Brandon Hurn Staters Union Thursday afternoon Staters were granted an opportunity to speak to representatives from colleges located in Kansas and the surrounding area, as well as several branches of the Armed Forces. “I think that it’s important that students explore as many options as possible,” said Erin Elmore from Johnson County Community College. “There are so many schools that offer IMG_6383such diverse programs that they are bound to find something that will interest them.” Programs provided information concerning honors programs, financial options, and fields of study. Staters seemed happy to be given the opportunity to speak to the different guests at the college and career fair. Anthony Defulto of Macarthur county said about the fair “They had a wide variety of schools who were willing to discuss their campuses in depth with Staters.” Overall, it seems that the Staters were excited to see what the various programs had to offer, and the different schools and organizations present were more than happy to speak with the Staters.]]>