Staters let off steam through rec time

By Julian Kincaid Staters Union With the stress of Boys State often comes pent-up energy, waiting to be unleashed. It’s during recreational time that Staters get to use this spirit to compete in sports such as volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and cross-country. The first session of rec time was held recMonday, and Staters participated in their first competitions. Each county earned points based on their performance against their rivals. Last night, Seitz County took home the banner with 65 points, followed by with Bradley County with 55 points and King County with 45 points. “I think our county works well as a team, both in government and on the field.” says Jordan Waymaster, of the City of Whorley, Seitz County. Now that the records for the first day of rec time have been set in stone, other counties are ready to step up their game and show each other who the real victors are.]]>