Counties find different ways to get to work

By Alex Veliz Staters Union With Boys State underway and multiple committees making progress on Tuesday, County Commission throughout the campus are taking different approaches for the betterment of the community. “We have made a lot of progress, on the first day we just set the baseline and establishing the county and what we stood for, and the second session we really soperationstarted laying things out like building a clinic and a state park being built,” Sam Horst from Pershing County said. With all these projects being handled by the commission there are certain challenges faced when trying to build a successful county and completing the projects under their authority. “There are a lot of paperwork problems, we have to make sure it looks right and also work with the people who are going to pay for it and we have to make sure both cities agree with what we are doing and how we are doing it,” Skylar Carder from Bradley County said. All the components that involve the County Commissions are intended to provide for the delegates that reside in each respective county. “I feel like right now we are trying to accomplish the most basic needs for a town, like the necessities and then lead to a town that is peaceful and prosperous, a town that you would not be ashamed to live in,” Jarret Griffe from Seitz County said. This is a vital time for county operations to complete projects and gain headway in fulfilling the county’s goals. “We are working the hardest right now because we are working non-stop trying to get money from the PACs and working hard non-stop every moment we can,” Paul Kruse from MacArthur County said.]]>