Staters participate in mock trial

By Brandon Hurn and Alex Veliz Staters Union IMG_5418On Wednesday morning Staters involved in the judiciary branch of government had an opportunity to participate in a mock trial. The Boys State mock trial consisted of a group of Staters that took the roles of judges, witnesses, lawyers, and jurors. They were then assigned a case to bring through the legal system. This year’s case was a claims court to be decided by a jury. The issue at hand was a case of cyberbullying and school negligence. “The case itself was in regards to cyberbullying involving two teenagers and that is very prevalent to many incidents that happen in high schools today and it teaches a lot about how schools should be responsible for and how high schools should handle it,” Plaintiff lawyer Grant Hansen from King County said. In addition to the proceedings of the case, experienced counselors and advisors interjected with advice and information on court procedure. “We were definitely on a time crunch…the progression was fine, it carried on effectively but the time did not permit the defendant side to properly give support for their reasons,” Juror August Zoch from Kennedy County said. In the face of time restrictions and interruptions by surrounding operations, the trial concluded in a successful manner, with a decision being reached. The jurors decided in favor of the prosecution and granted $95 thousand to the child involved.]]>