Staters react to Boys State and Opening Ceremony

Newspaper photo By Noah Mead & Jacob Doerksen The 2015 session of Kansas Boys State has begun! Through the midst of construction, slowing things down and making a few nervous, day one has come to a favorable close. As Staters arrived on the campus of Kansas State University, Sunday brought beautiful weather and clear skies for the Opening Ceremonies. Thane Chastain, member of the Boys Legion Staff since 1977 says, “Weather plays an important role in how the Staters respond to the Opening Ceremonies and Orientations.” Day one can easily be overwhelming for a new stater because of the mass amount of information that was distributed. Keynote speaker and professor at KSU, Bernard Franklin, helped to ease the staters minds with his inspirational speech. “I really enjoyed Bernard Franklin.” Travinn Oliver of Seitz County said, “I especially enjoyed when he spoke about his past experiences.” Franklin told Staters about the week that he spent with Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife and daughter. Garrett Swisher of Kennedy County said, “So far, Boys State has been eye opening. It’s been a coalition of lots of people with different backgrounds. Whether coming from a small city or big city we are united as one.” When asked about thoughts on Franklin’s speech he said “When Franklin said it doesn’t matter where you come from, it really caught my attention and made me think in depth about what that really means. Overall the Staters received a positive message from Franklin’s keynote speech. Boys State runs on strict time-oriented schedule. Sunday was a day for the Staters to adjust to this strict time schedule. Through the organized chaos some Staters felt as if they were not given enough time within certain areas. Specifically the dining times assigned to each county. Lucas Liu of King County said “The time we were given for dinner was less than ideal.” but it all worked out at the end of the day. Staters learned that without a strict and orderly schedule everything would fall apart. Sunday night, a time of reflection was held within each county. The session was held for Staters to unwind after a long first day.The first day of Kansas Boys State was a total success!]]>