More munch or time crunch

EditorialMonday                     Photo Credit Jack Kapple A counselor checks his watch             [/caption] By Jack Kapple and Aaron Simpson Day one at Boys’ State is critical for establishing relationships and connections among delegates. Upon our arrival, however, there seemed to be no reservation for such formalities. Everything was quite rushed. Between registration, housing, and orientation, there was very little time to be had for formal introductions. As new and apprehensive Staters, we were quite dependent on supper time to fill our void of ambiguity and isolation; for no one can deny that one of the best ways of bringing unity to strangers is through the dinner table. Through the research we conducted, we found that many of our fellow Staters seemed to agree with us. “It’s unfortunate that it happened on the first day.” said Spencer Rogers of Mac Arthur County. Without proper time to adjust and forge networks, even a simulated community will crumble upon a weak foundation. “It’s critical.” said Dylan Brown of Mac Arthur County. As we press forward into “a Week that Will Change Our Lives”, we can only hope that this atmosphere of urgency and discord will dissipate, and future activities will supplement this initial disarray with unbroken unity.]]>