Stater's react to Kramer Dining

By Tristan Jordan Staters Union When it comes to food, teenaged males are typically not picky with what they eat. At Boys State, Staters eat in Kramer Hall for all three meals of the day. Staters have a range of opinions on the food at Boys State but the general consensus is that the food at K-State is decent. This is probably best summed up by Mason Collins when he said, “[It’s] good quality food in general.” As with anything there are some group favorites, “I like the cookies,” said Anthony Deltufo. There were others who felt that the food wasn’t all that great, “Not enough of it quantity wise, but I like the cereal!” said Jake Katzer. There were some people who felt that there were some technical problems in the kitchen that have affected their dining experience, “They have some problems with keeping all of the food options fully stocked and ready available,” said a stater who asked not to be named, but overall most people felt that the food was easily accessible and that it was much better than the school lunches.]]>