Veteran's spotlight: Don Thomson

By Raymond Felton Staters Union Former Army Lieutenant Colonel Don Thomson, who served 28 years in the military from 1965 to 1993 has fulfilled many positions and worn several hats in his career. Today he serves as one of three members on the Boys State Committee, which oversees the program for the entirety of Kansas. LTC Thomson has been working with Boys State for a total of 9 years so far, and he shows no sign of stopping. Stating that he feels “just as energetic in my mind as you younger guys.” LTC Thomson was a Platoon Commander, a Company Commander, as well as a Brigade Personnel Officer. During his deployment to Vietnam, he was stationed in Sector 2, which is about 150 kilometers from Saigon. He was assigned to the Military Assistance Command – Vietnam (MACV) as a liaison to the Civilian/Military leaders there and as an advisor in the South Vietnamese Army. He also worked with the CHMS (Choms) and the Montenyards (Mountain Men) who he said were the best fighters. During his tour in Vietnam he saw intense action and combat every day and simply states that, “They shot at us and we shot at them.” When asked for one piece of advice he would give to Staters looking to joining the military all he said was this, “Join the ROTC program at a major University or a Military Academy. Go to school, and get your education.”]]>