The Daily Veteran- R.C "Chuck" Shoemaker

By: Dylan Rinne and Andrew Gill Vietnam Veteran R.C. “Chuck” Shoemaker of the United States Air Force has dedicated 36 years of his life to servicing the American Legion, currently serving Shawnee Post 327. Shoemaker says the most important thing about his story is that he joined the military to honor both his mother and father. His father, a Bird Colonel, helped American forces in liberating the Nazi controlled Buchenwald concentration camp in Weimar, Germany. His mother also served, as a nurse for the American Red Cross during the second World War. The couple met in Europe, where they had Chuck, who was the first American born in Europe during World War II. During the Vietnam War he instructed Pilots and Air Crews on surviving crash situations in all climates. Although he did not get deployed over to Vietnam due to his position in the United States Air Force, he did describe about very close friends that went overseas and came back to harsh conditions. Harsh conditions in forms of protests and riots, and citizens yelling, throwing and spitting at our own soldiers. From city to city the protests varied in immensity and quantity throughout the country. But in the end, the controversy over the war calmed, and the war had ended. Finally all of the serviceman and servicewomen could go home and be reunited with their families. We would like to thank Chuck Shoemaker for taking the time to talk to us and give us this information about a serious and major part of his life. And one last thought, thank you for your service, we appreciate what you did for our country. ]]>