The Daily Veteran- Don Peters

By: Malachi Hibler On Tuesday morning, I had to opportunity to sit down with a Legionnaire for an interview. The Legionnaire I interviewed was Don Peters. Mr. Peters was apart of the Dayton Peace Accords that took place in Bosnia in 1995. Some questions I asked were, “why did you join the Dayton Peace Accords, and what was his role in the Dayton Peace Accords?”  For the first question about why he joined the war, it  was because he wanted to protect his country. Mr. Peters is a very patriotic man. Finally, Mr. Peters says that his role in the Army was “a Battalion Property Book Officer.” Mr. Peters shared more information, which lead to my last few questions. Those questions were, “How did you stay in touch with your family, and what were your thoughts prior to joining the army?” The first question he said his only options were to “make phone calls or use the old fashion way and hand write letters.” The last question he said that his military experience did influence his thinking about the army. “I never realized how devastating it was until I saw it.” His views on the war had a great impact on why he even chose to enlist in the army. In conclusion, it was a great experience to sit down with a Legionnaire and I thank Mr. Don Peters for sharing information about his story with me and also serving our country.  ]]>