Upcoming Legislation

By Guthrie Turner – Staters Union All sorts of propositions are in the air as members of the Boys State Senate discuss bills that they believe will make Kansas a better place for its residents. The Nationalist side has introduced the Smart Trading Act,potentially enforcing taxes on stocks. They also have ambitions to mandate subsurface drip irrigation on Kansas farms. The Federalists were busy as well. There was a suggestion on a 30% flat tax on smoking tobacco, along with deliberation over the legalization of marijuana. Ideas are also being taken into account dealing with education and energy issues. For example, one Stater proposed a bill for new colleges that incorporate precise training and mandatory majors such as liberal arts, engineering, agriculture, etc. Another Stater intends to increase tax rebates on certain alternative energy sources, and, by 2025, have 40% of the state’s energy consist of alternative energy. With all of this still being decided, the final verdict will really come down to the judgment of the House of Representatives.]]>