Stop Right There! – Patrolmen Look to Enforce New Laws

By Derek Bryant – Staters Union Running in the hallway. Slamming doors. Being on the wrong floor. All will now give you a penalty. A bill was brought to the floor of the House and Senate by the highway patrolmen which would allow the highway patrolmen of Boys State to issue fines to Staters who commit crimes as a sort of ticket. If a Stater was found guilty of a crime, he would first be notified of his infraction and then would be asked to give his Stater ID to the patrolman. Each day, at the end of the evening, the ID number of any Staters who committed crimes would be delivered to the bank where a fee would be taken out of the Stater’s personal account. Not only would patrolmen have jurisdiction in their own county but also in the entire state. Fineable offences, including door slamming, littering and running in the halls, would each be a five dollar fine. However if a Stater is bankrupt these crimes would result in jail time. Other crimes such as trespassing would result in jail time as decided by the county’s jury, and crimes such as the stealing of private property would result in jail time and whatever else the patrolman deems necessary punishment. County laws would also be able to be enforced by highway patrolmen. In terms of a jail, there are a few options. The first would be county jails which would be an empty room on each floor; the second option would be regional jails in the sense that there would be one jail in each building. Jail time would be taken out of free time and would not interfere with normal operations. While this may seem like a huge change Staters can rest easy for now because the bill must still pass through both the House and Senate.]]>