Whistle Stop Tours: Nationalists

By: Mikennon Donovan

The candidates for the Nationalist Party spIMG_7862 (1)oke on many topics. Chief among these were education reform, welfare reform, and the legalization of marijuana. Governor hopeful, Patrick Bircher, had this to say,”The welfare program in Kansas is in shambles, however, the current system and current legislature have the opportunity to be extremely successful.” The Nationalist candidate for Commissioner of Insurance, Adam Kropf, believes he has a plan to pay for our schools, “ We could raise money from taxes on insurance to fund education.”On the marijuana side of things, Attorney General candidate, Hunter Eisler, said this,” I believe in the decriminalization of marijuana, and, I would like to set up a state operated recovery plan for people suffering from addiction.” As a whole, the Nationalist Party touched on the topics that were expected of them, being the more liberal party.

Nationalist Party Candidates: Governor    Secretary of State   Attorney General   State Treasurer  Commissioner of Insurance Patrick Bircher        Aarmir Uddin       Hunter Eisler          Nick Siscoe         Adam Kropf Eisenhower_Bircher_Patrick     Seitz_Uddin_Aamer    Patton_Eisler_Hunter    King_Siscoe_Nick    Seitz_Kropf_Adam]]>