Why So Not Serious?

By Kodi W. Reed – Staters Union As the second day of Kansas Boys State concludes, there is an issue that has been brought to my attention. Some Staters among us seem to have forgotten why we are at Boys State. In just under two days of Boys State we have seen a majority of the State legalize or talk about legalizing marijuana. Over half are claiming that they are doing it solely based on revenue, but they seem to be forgetting to consider exactly how marijuana is generating revenue. None have been able to provide production or vending methods that would benefit the citizens and not just the city’s economy.  There has also been conversation about legalizing prostitution but thankfully it was quickly shut down and was only passed in one city. That same city was also the only one to legalize psychedelics. When questioned, the mayor of the city in question wasn’t able to list the effects of psychedelics. Now these are not the only questionable events that have taken place so far this week. For instance, in one county a Stater was giving their speech on why they wanted the specific position, and all he said was “I have a low paying job and I’m a minority.”  He was one of the two elected for the position even though there were clearly other candidates who were more passionate about the position in question. It got so out of hand that a counselor had to say, “Guys, you need to take this seriously.” A counselor shouldn’t have to say that. It’s common sense that people should elect other Staters who will represent them well and respectfully and will not take the position as a joke. Finally, I would like to say that this does not necessarily apply to all Staters. There are multiple counties and cities that have shown promise. One city counselor said, “My city councilmen really did their research and really work hard.” This to me is how everyone should be working in their elected positions at Boys State. As mentioned by multiple counselors, you really get out of Boys State what you put into it.Those who help pay for our fees really wanted us to go out get the full Boys State experience. With this I leave you with the big question; “Why Boys State?” ]]>