Whistle Stop Tour: Federalists

IMG_7860 (1) On the Federalist side, the Whistle Stop Tour was a fast-paced burst of a lot of information. Many of the candidates were heavily focused on the education crisis, but only some of them came up with a viable ways of funding such a large project. Some suggested a prison reform that would have non-violent offenders work labor jobs for free, freeing up money through the labor and by not having to pay to keep prisoners in the prisons. One Stater even proposed legalizing prostitution and marijuana. This would include the government regulating and taxing them heavily to create a lot of revenue. One of the suggestions which would allow for the largest budget, though, was to lower the amount of insurance fraud, saving around $50 billion. This money would be put both into diminishing debt and other improvements such as education. In the end, the candidates that won presented their points specifically and didn’t generalize in their solutions to problems. Honesty also played a large factor in many Staters’ decisions. Elected Federalist Candidates: Governor     Secretary of State   Attorney General   State Treasurer  Commissioner of Insurance Grant Daily           Colin Lucas         Eric Vasquez        Kyle Tollefson       Mason Schartz Powell_Daily_Grant    Powell_Lucas_Colin    Seitz_Vasquez_Eric   King_Tollefson_Kyle     Pershing_Schartz_Mason  ]]>