Keys to Success: The Federalist Path to Victory

By Bradley Schrock -Staters Union

Tension fills the air as the Federalist candidates assemble in the cafe to discuss their election strategies for the following afternoon. Their campaign knows that they have a serious challenge in the Nationalist opposition, but they have an ace up their sleeve: a Nationalist party leader as their candidate for Lieutenant governor, Chris Ramsey. Ramsey, after losing the primary election for the Nationalist governor, decided that his talents would be better utilized working across the aisle. He believes that he is practicing the highest level of bipartisanship saying, “I might be a nationalist, but I think that by working with the Federalists we can more effectively serve the needs of all Kansans and delegates of this Boys State.”

This strategy seemed to work out rather well for their ticket as they were carried to victory yesterday evening. Ramsey attributes this to the boundary he and Governor Noah Gould broke by working together: “I really think people recognized that we meant what we said about working across the aisle because our campaign was built on it.” Voters resonated that belief as when asked about why they voted for the Federalist ticket, they responded chiefly that they believed the new administration would be able to work with both parties to serve their needs.

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