Budget Protest Fills Kramer

By Derek Bryant – Staters Union Thursday afternoon, a mob formed outside the office of the state executive council. Leaders in the mob informed Attorney General Connor Casey that the mob was formed in order to put pressure on the governor to sign off on the budget that had been passed through the house and senate. The statement was then made by a member of the mob, “We’re exercising our first amendment right to peacefully assemble.” Casey responded saying, “That’s amazing that you are civilly active.” As the mob remained standing in front of the office, the council members would return into the office and a new member of the council would come out to explain more about the situation. Almost each and every member that came to speak with the crowd assured them that the budget was currently being signed by Governor Thill, however it was obvious that Thill was not signing it as Staters were able to view him through the glass walls without a pen in his hand. As the mob began to talk with more and more of the council members, the mob again became restless and a member of the mob made the statement referring to the governor, “Tell him to come out here and explain it to us.” Thill then came out to address the mob. During his address to the mob, Thill stated, “The budget I had [proposed] had lower taxes than this one and lower expenditures, and that’s the one I want to pass.” Thill later brought his proposed budget back to the senate and signed the bill about an hour after the mob disbanded. As we all know, government is collectively an adaptive problem. To successfully solve adaptive problems, government officials need to work well together with other branches of the government and other parties in the government. It is clear that Thill knows these to be truths as these issues were mentioned in both his caucus speech and at speeches at the debate. From the governor’s platform on working with other parties and branches of the government, it is clear that he can talk the talk, but will he be able to walk the walk with the end of Boys State of Kansas so close?]]>