Stater skeptic of Nationalist tactics

By Raymond Felton Staters Union I walked into Cardwell 101 for the Nationalist Party Convention viewing the classical chalkboards and the stacked seats with the expectation to be inspired and stimulated on an intellectual basis. What I received instead was an almost cult-like atmosphere with cheering and inappropriate language and ideas about transforming into types of binat3rds and dropping feces on people we’ve never met. That being said, there were several good questions from the audience and even excellent answers. Professional, well thought out answers, that were in no way, shape, or form original in any capacity. Every answer on any social issue was replied curtly with an almost automated sounding return. The only question that did not have a checkbox answer was explained away with a “we cannot as a state government measure how good or not a lawyer is.” While the answers were intense and polished, I have not been convinced to drink the kool-aid.]]>