Dr. Franklin delivers a frank talk

Dr. Bernard Franklin shaking hands with stater Tony Wingfield. Dr. Bernard Franklin shaking hands with stater Tony Wingfield.[/caption] By Carlos Guzman Media Counselor Dr. Bernard Franklin, assistant vice president of student life at Kansas State University, made his appearance as the keynote speaker at the opening ceremonies yesterday at McCain Auditorium.  His words of wisdom covered a wide range of topics and left all staters seriously impacted in a positive manner. Tony Wingfield of Powell County took a particular interest in the discussion with Dr. Franklin.  He fired several questions consistently and Dr. Franklin answered every single one swiftly and efficiently.  When asked how important education is, Wingfield promptly answered that both of his parents are teachers with Master’s degrees.  “Education has always been very important to me.  It is really the only way to pull yourself up in society.” Dr. Franklin also went into detail when discussing the possibility of college tuition rates rising to the point of becoming unaffordable for middle class families.  Wingfield was asked about his plan to pay for his college tuition.  “There is always a way around student debt if you’re smart enough to find alternatives.”  Wingfield has big plans to attend either the University of Chicago or Northwestern University.]]>