Federalist Party rallies support

By Aaron Simpson Staters Union Monday night, the Federalists held their Party Convention, during which the winners of the Primary Electifed2on presented their campaigns for the General Election. Office members Jordan Humphrey, Rob Nickel, Josh Schwartz, and Bryce Johnston gave the rundown on their election platform. One of the topics was the policy of non-aggressive taxation; how aggressive tax policies harms the economy on a state level. Another was the debate over minimum wage and welfare; how legislation can change to benefit the lower class. Finally, the candidates discussed plans for education and curricula; to improve schools and make Kansans desired employees. Throughout the event, an atmosphere of hype and intensity reigned predominant with the office members’ charisma enticing the audience and bringing them to their feet on multiple occasions. Still, the convention was refined and focused on the significant points. While the party was rigid in their policies, many of the candidates stressed the importance of compromise. They pushed the ideals of finding a middle-ground between the two parties without sacrificing Federalist agendas. With the momentum of both parties carrying the staters into the debate, how each candidate presents their cases will be a determining factor in the results of the General Election.]]>