Federalists get creative at convention

By Noah Mead Staters Union Monday night was full of clapping and cheering from the Federalist Party thanks to the Anger Translator who created an energetic feeling to the room. “This other guy, this Nationalist guy he doesn’t know what this guy is capable of. He will make the best society in the history of the world! Nothing is going to stop him! All you need to do is vote Federalist! Thats the only logical thing to do!” said the translator. Not only did the Anger Translator bring energy but so did Federalist Governor Candidate Bryce Johnston. “I ask you to be more than Federalists tonight, I ask you to be Kansans, I ask you to do your duty, to do what is best for Kansas by electing all of us to be your State Government.” said Johnston. fedThis makes it seem as if things are going in favor of the Federalists. Lets hope the good fortune carries forward into the debate and throughout the rest of the week. Will we see the first Federalist Government since 2011? The choice is yours.]]>