Minorities have no leader for representation in the County of Eisenhower

By ALEX VELIZ Eisenhower County

One of the roles to be voted upon at Boys State is a leader for the Assembly for the Advancement of theIMG_9927 Minorities in every city for the the Political Action Committees.

However, in the city of Eisenhower no such representation was elected.“The obstacle was all the minorities that were present had a position and we found that if there were no minorities there that had the position to represent Eisenhower County then we weren’t able to have one,” Ryan Doberer County Counselor said.

“It is not that we didn’t support minorities it is just that we ran out of people to fill positions.” One of the minorities that is housed in Eisenhower County found the lack of representation was not right for the minority populus as a whole.

“It’s kind of unfair, you’d think they would have more minority representation, because no representation sucks,” R.J. Hoyt said.

“But I think we can come together as a minority community and can overcome it.” For a PAC member of the Assembly for the Advancements of Minorities, the lack of another member is not a bad thing.

 “If they are working for other jobs honestly that works towards our goal, which is the advancement of minorities,” Connor Yohon from Icenogle City in King County said.

“Even though they can’t be with us in a political action committee I think it helps just the fact they are working in the government.”