Prison Reform Bill in the Works

By Maverick Aggson -Staters Union

Incarceration and imprisonment have been divisive issues in our recent past. However two state Reps from Seitz county are working on a bill that aims to improve this controversial system.

Leavenworth Penitentiary

Aiden Farmer and Elijah Delney hope to reduce crime within their county and around the state with reform programs aimed at inmate health and well being, as well as several Inter Penitentiary reform programs. ”This could prove to have positive future effects” Aiden Farmer stated in reference to the various classes and work opportunities that would be provided for Inmates in the Bill including, but not limited to, College Level education programs, shop courses and organized Religious worship. It remains  to be seen whether or not this bill will be passed, but hopes are high as the first few days of delegation come to a close.


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