The Flag Retirement Ceremony

Maverick Aggson -Staters Union

Even though Legion Night was an amazing time, it also had its solemn moments. Preceding the show and performances, the State gathered together for an honorable Flag Retirement Ceremony, which was carried out by exonerated and honorable members of the Legion. The Gentleness and care with which they carried the banner brought me close to tears. All that I could see at that moment was my Grandfather’s ashes being brought to his hearse. He was a State Trooper, and well respected amongst his peers in the legion. When eventually his time came to return to the earth, it soothes me to know that his ceremonies and requests were handled by people with such a high respect for their Country and fellow service members.

The Address by Rex Gardner sums it up the best, if you see a Veteran, say thank you.

Not just for their service in war, or their service in peace, but also for their treatment and respect for the dead. And for those who have lost service members in the field, or long after retirement from the service, it truly is everything.


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