Voters View Candidate's Stances At McCain Debate

Writers: Bret Sauvage, Taylor George, and Connor Aguilar On Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of Staters gathered in McCain auditorium to witness the 2016 State Officer Debate. This debate was unique in the fact that it was the first in Kansas Boys State history to introduce a third party, known as the Independent Party. The nominees were asked a wide array of questions concerning key topics and issues pertaining to the state of Kansas. These questions were based on issues left out in candidates’ initial speeches, questions from special interests groups and issues that are currently affecting the state. The Federalist Party generally stuck to their libertarian principles and ideals. This quote from Grant Daily sums up their beliefs, “If what you are doing isn’t affecting other people, why should the government care?” Nationalists and the Independent Party both had “middle of the road” views but differed on key topics such as their respective tax plans and business in Kansas. All three parties agreed that funding to education was a large problem and needed to be addressed. Many candidates addressed the questions in a very detailed manner. Others avoided the question or gave somewhat vague answers. All in all, the debate gave Staters an opportunity to find out more about the candidates they would be voting for in the general elections.]]>