Bias versus Perspective

Cam considers his opinion, and how to remain objective

By Cam McDonald -Boys State Media

In a world run on social media it is important to be able to tell what you are reading is political bias or someone’s perspective of a situation. First you need to know what is bias and what is perspective. Bias is a tendency that prevents unprejudiced consideration for the question, while perspective is stating one’s ideas or the facts known. In social media, which is the most popular form of any media, it can be hard to tell differences between bias and perspective. One of the best ways to tell bias is phrasing, having a sentence like “MacArthur Co. annihilate the competition and sweeps Powell Co. with a score of 25:10. This example shows major bias towards their opinions on MacArthur Co. and Powell Co.” Now while Bias is an infamous thing some people prefer it since the bias is between their political beliefs or favorite sports team. It’s up to you to spot bias in the media, but we promise to give an unbiased opinion here at the Staters Union.